Intense – this is how I came in touch with Trance music

19 sep 2021

It is 3 May 2013. The day on which Armin van Buuren released his fifth studio album. The album with the eponymous track featuring the iconic violin. Armin has a record of 76 weeks with a place in the Dutch Album top 100. He owes this record to this album. I’m talking about Intense, of course. It’s 3 May 2013. The day my Trance adventure began.

And Intense it was for sure. I am writing this blog while, how could it be otherwise, Intense is on playing. I am writing my first blog for a project that is close to my heart. Trance music and everything around it. Wow. What Trance means to me, what it does with me, what beautiful things it has brought me and that I see Trance does the same to others. Really indescribable. And yet I’m going to try.

And of course, I can’t help but write my first blog about the moment I had my first experience with Trance. Before I continue; some of you might know me already, some not. Hence a short introduction about myself. My name is Iris Sloof (Izzy), I live in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and was born in the golden year of trance, 1999. And although I only had my first experience with Trance in 2013, it is now impossible to imagine my life without it.

So, intense. I was 13 years old. I already listened to a lot of dance music. My mother didn’t like that. Those bass, electronic sounds and often no vocals to sing along. My mother had a hard time with it. Especially when I was in the car with my mother, she would rather turn on the local radio than allow me to connect my MP3. “Isn’t it nice to sing along?” my mother would ask. And yes, I love to sing along some songs every now and then, but I like those songs with a big bass and that you don’t hear on the average radio station. Fortunately, there was ‘This Is What It Feels Like’. Track number 2 on the album. When I heard ‘This Is What It Feels Like’, I immediately thought I should find more of this. My mother was able to sing along (and sometimes I did too) and I could bounce to the beat of the music. When I had listened to the album from cover to cover I was completely impressed and enthusiastic. The next time I was in the car with my mother, I obviously knew what to do. Plug in my MP3 and let her hear what kind of amazing tunes I had discovered. My mother enjoys singing along, I enjoy bouncing, love it! Intense has a lot of vocal tracks, but one that stood out for my mother, ‘Alone’ with Lauren Evans. Of course, I responded nicely to that. And that number went on everytime when my mom and I got into the car.

I have not lived with my mother for a number of years now and the daily car trips with her have therefore stopped. But car trips or not, from May 3, 2013, Trance was running through my blood. My love and passion for Trance originated with the album Intense. Now, years later, I work within the scene. I coach (upcoming) Trance producers & DJs by achieving their dreams and ambitons.

Will you dance with me?