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Hey, I’m Izzy and I’m gonna take you on a trance-venture!

Here you see me enjoying Trance in all its glory.  The music, the festivals, the scene, producing and playing means a lot to me. I have been involved with Trance from an early age. I wanted to do more with this passion and that’s why I started in 2020 with DJing and since November 2021 I also produce my own music. For me Trance means sharing a passion with loads of lovely people. My style contains euphoric, dreamy pads in combination with uplifting melodies and pumping kick & basses. You want me to play on your festival or party?

Where people from all walks of life unite.

Trance with Izzy’s mission is to keep Trance music let be passed on from generation to generation. Increasing and connecting fans is part of this. More importantly is that new generations of artists get the spotlight they deserve. There is so much (hidden) talent! It is precisely this upcoming talent that we must cherish. By offering coaching trajectories for (aspiring) Trance producers and DJs, the magic of Trance can be passed on from generation to generation.

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