Essence of Trance boat festival 31 July 2021

27 sep 2021

Yes!! On 31 July 2021 something really special took place. The “Essence of Trance boat festival” was very magical because you’re not often go to a festival that’s held on six boats. I had a super exciting time and would love to tell you about my day. The “Essence of Trance boat festival” was an event organised by DJ RAM. The whole event took place on the “Markermeer” which is an open water area in The Netherlands. With six boats departing from two different cities we came together on the water to celebrate Trance music. The ship I was on was “De Waddenzee” and the lineup for this boat consisted of Rene Ablaze, Billy Gillies, Sean Tyas, RAM and Cold Blue.

My party started with scanning the tickets. I was very happy to welcome everyone on board. For a lot of people this was (one of) the first party they were attending after a long time. The happy faces of everyone did me good already. 


Rene Ablaze kicked off the day with an amazing uplifting set. The dance floor was on fire from the beginning. I must say that that was super cool to see. I attended more boat parties from RAM and I always saw the crowd had to warm up a bit before they were dancing their hearts out. This time, Rene knew how to get the crowd dancing right away. 


Billy Gillies was the second one on the lineup for our boat. Rene Ablaze said goodbye and jumped on the speedboat and left for another boat he had to play on. This was actually very cool of this festival. Not the crowd was moving from stage to stage, but the artists were replacing boats to play their sets for different crowds. 


Billy Gillies dropped one of his most well respected tracks of 2020 “Closed Eyes”. I really love this track so I was very happy to hear him playing it. Also his remix of “Tears From The Moon” is one that I really love and he played that one as well. Billy closed his set with his remix of “Paul van Dyk – Nothing But You”. What a heartwarming moment that was. The track really matched with how we were sailing with nothing but the open water and Trance music.

In the meantime Sean Tyas arrived at our boat. His shirt was totally wet because of the up splashing water he catched while he was on the speedboat. Sean Tyas took over the decks from Billy Gillies and he played a lot of new music from his label Regenerate. After his set I managed to have a chat about producing skills with him together with Zomar


RAM has started his set because he was the one after Sean Tyas. He told me our boat was really on fire. It was cool to see him so happy and proud. And proud was precisely what he must be, because what an amazing festival he had put together. 


The last DJ of our boat was Cold Blue. This was my favourite set of the day. Of course I told Cold Blue how much I liked his set and told him this was the best set of the day. It was amazing to receive a compliment back that we were the best crowd of the day. He played “Asteroid – Home”. It’s always cool to hear a DJ supporting a Trance with Izzy team member. I asked if he could also play “Speed of Life” what he did. This track is one of my favourite productions he made. He also played his own track “Land of the Free” what is a track that I used in my closing set on 5 May during the livestream of Number 3 DJ as well. The day ended in style with Cold Blue dropping his classic “11 days”. The track matched perfectly with sailing back into the harbor. 

I look back at a very beautiful day and it was truly a festival to remember for life.

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