Luminosity At The Beach 2021 day 2

18 nov 2021

Luminosity At The Beach 2021 day two (August 21, 2021) I was back at Beachclub Fuel. This day the line up consisted of: Stoneface & Terminal presents Gundamea, Nikolauss, Metta & Glyde, Sean Tyas, Alex Di Stefano and John Askew. Many also called it the VII night, since three crew members had closed the evening. Once again I was really looking forward to this day in which many DJs I would also see live for the first time.

I came in around 5 pm and Stoneface & Terminal presents Gundamea played until 6 pm. It was a good warm up set, but as you are used to from me, I only really start to loosen up at a higher BPM. I sat in the sun for a while, to save my feet, which were also a bit tired from LATB day 1. At 6 pm I exchanged the spot in the sun for the dance floor.


Nikolauss was next on the line up and when he played his legendary track Lifedagar, the evening really started for me. What a track! In the meantime, I ate a burger. Super nice that Fuel also had a vegan option! It is always difficult to plan your dinner well now that the parties start early. After the set from Nikolauss and after I had finished my burger, it was time for Metta & Glyde to caress our ears.

I had already briefly spoken to the brothers on Friday and I was really looking forward to their set. They’ve been making some good tracks lately. They played their track Renaissance and the Sean Tyas Remix or their track Visualize, among others. What a banger!

Sean Tyas started his set at 8pm. What an energy! During his set, the sun slowly set. I always find that so magical! Just like his remix of BT – Wildfire. One of my most favorite vocal tracks at the moment. Also his remix of Masters & Nickson feat. Justine Suissa – Out There, which was not yet released at the time, he played. Another special moment was when he played Yoshi & Razner – Magical Dreams and we were dancing next to these two Spanish brothers!

Finally Sean Tyas played Asteroid – Home mashed up with another track. An ID for me. If you know which track you hear more, please let me know! See the video below.

Alex Di Stefano also played really great. It was already dark by then. That always does a lot for the experience of the music. Personally I think it always sounds a bit louder in the dark and there is nothing wrong with that. More the ‘underground’ feeling. The Charlotte de Witte & San Giuliano Remix van ‘Age Of Love’  fitted in very well with this.

John Askew is without a doubt one of the hottest tech Trance DJs/producers in the scene. He also showed this at Luminosity at the Beach 2021. He closed the Saturday in Beachclub Fuel with a very special set. During the set not only the crowd was “in Trance”, but also John Askew himself. He was so focused during his performance. The set was very professional; the choice of music was top notch and the transitions were incredibly tight.

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