Do I need an artist coach?

27 May 2022

These days there is a heavy increase in DJ’s and on the other hand, an increase in support, tutorials, coaching and help so it can make it quite overwhelming to know where to start. You read about tutors, mentors and coaches. How do you know what can work for you and do you actually need one? I wanted to share this blog with you with an explanation of the options available and another perspective on the best way to get started.

What is a tutor?

A tutor is as having your own teacher. You will be their student and they are the ones who will help you to get trough multiple subjects. You will get trough this by following focused study courses. Tutors will go in-depth on said subjects and review the materials by going in-depth on them. With the focus to guide you trough gaining the same knowledge they already have. They do this by explaining a subject within a course and asking you the right questions. They will motivate you to gain the answers by yourself, but will help you with giving you the right answers right away if you don’t get it. After you have learned the correct answer, you have learned the same knowledge as they already have, to use on your own.

What is a mentor?

A mentor is like having a role-model. Someone who went before you and has accomplished goals of which you still dream of. A mentor is someone who wishes you to get where they are as well. That’s why they are willing to mentor you. A Mentor is someone who you can go to for advice and to ask your questions. Which they can answer based on the knowledge they already have gained trough experience. 

The difference between a tutor and a mentor is that a tutor will give you the questions and also gives you the motivation to get to the answers. A mentor will help you gain answers, but you will already have to be motivated to put the work in your ambition. He or she has gone trough the same path as you are about to take.

What is a coach?

A coach is someone who will not only help you trough your self-discovery, but they will also give you the knowledge otherwise a tutor could give. They will help you to stay motivated and will know which questions to ask, to help you to accomplish what is important to you.

These days there are many young DJ’s who experience a burn-out because there is so much coming at you and it can be overwhelming to take that all-in on your own. A coach will be there for you, to help you both professionally and personally.

By asking the right questions, you can learn which false believes are withholding you and how to dispel these. To become the best version of yourself and to work on your ambitions in a healthy manner.

Coaching is future orientated. Tailored to an individual their needs according to how your situation is now and how you wish for it to be. It is an excellent way for becoming the best version of yourself while working towards your ambitions and dreams.

Why coaching?

There comes quite a lot to it, to becoming a DJ and these days it is best to become more of a producer as well. You will need to know how the technique works and how to become good at it. You want to be different than the rest and thus you will have to work on your own style. But it isn’t just that. You need a trusted image, your own style and consistency in your work. You will be selling a story to your listeners and sharing an experience. Not only on the dance floor, but also at home and online. 

As a DJ, you will have to start thinking more as an entrepreneur.

As there is so much coming at you. At the same time it is so important to keep having fun and to work in your ambitions in a healthy manner. Don’t rush into it and don’t lose yourself in the progress. Evaluate and learn to become better at improving yourself. But that can be difficult on you own sometimes. That is why it can be of so much help to have someone beside you. It will greatly improve your growth by having someone by your side who has the knowledge and experience and who will ask you the right questions to make actively, further progress. That someone can be an artist coach.

With a coach by your side you can be sure of a constant development both personal and professional. To further grow to become a better producer/DJ, person and to improve your all-around performance to create the most desirable situations.

"As a DJ, you will have to start thinking more as an entrepreneur"

Coaching at Trance with Izzy

Trance with Izzy is able to mean something for those who want to grow as a producer, as a DJ or in the Trance scene in general. I (Izzy) have always had a huge interest in learning and helping others to chase their dreams and ambitions. I have been a learning & development manager and I have a background in Business Administration, Mindfulness and Psychology. I have started my own two companies and know exactly what is needed to go after your dreams and to make sure nothing or any thought will stop you. I have the experience, the knowledge, the ambition and the right energy to be able to ask you the right questions which will help you on your way to grow, progress and to become producer and DJ you aspire!

I work with different courses and also work together with other producers, to help you out in your progress. One-on-one individual coaching on a requested single subject is also possible.

Feel free to send me a message and we will work out what works best for you!

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