Why you should start making your own music!

27 July 2022

You hear another great DJ on the radio or they start showing up on a large festival. This gives the impression that they became famous just by being a DJ. Although, on the background there is a lot more to it. Just to be a DJ is no longer enough. It is also necessary to be able to produce your own music for you to grow your name and get booked on festivals.

Why is it no longer good enough, just to be a DJ and what is the difference between a DJ and a producer?

What is a DJ?

A DJ is the one who plays the music but who doesn’t necessary create it. The DJ is the one that knows how a DJ deck works. They know how you can fluently flow trough the complete tracklist to make it a great party. Because it is the DJ who is present during these parties, the DJ often becomes the icon of certain music, while it is not always the DJ who has produced it. 

Nowadays it is pretty rare to be invited as a DJ and to grow internationally, if you have no tracks on your name. If you can produce your own music or when you work together with a ghost-producer, then it is possible to release multiple stand-alone tracks to start building a name.

What is a producer?

As a producer you have a good feeling for melody, beats, rhythm together with the knowledge to create tracks.  Perhaps you are already a singer or you play any instrument, but as a producer it is not necessary to know how to play an instrument. As a producer you work in a software program called a DAW: a Digital Audio Workstation. You can use this to create your own tracks, edits, remixes.

Nowadays it is a must to know how to produce, to be able to become a booked DJ. When having tracks under your name, fans will eventually want to hear them played live by you on big festivals!

What is a ghost-producer?

Many well-known DJ’s buy their music from others, called ghost-producers. They are the musical artists behind the scenes who sell their abilities to the known-DJ’s, without producing any name publicity of their own.

When a DJ has a certain track flow or theme in mind and would like to have this worked out they go to their ghost-producer or they leave it all up to him. This is how a DJ buy tracks to play at their shows.

It does happen more and more. Just, not everyone knows how to produce music. This will take time but it is something anyone can learn.

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Producing beside being a DJ

When you are able to produce your own music, then this will surely help you to improve your DJ career. Because only as both a producer and DJ, you are a real artist. You can put all your creativity in your own tracks. You can release them on a big label and use this to grow your name (inter)nationally.

As your name and reach grows, so does your chance to be invited to as a DJ.

"Because only as both a producer and DJ, you are a real artist."

Start today

It is often underestimated how much is surrounding around being a DJ and producing music. Yes, as a DJ you will know the technique of the DJ decks, but with this you cannot produce your own music. You will need to know which software to use and what plugins work best. How do you start to create your first tracks? Where does it work best to share your tracks, edits or remix and what Social Media platforms work in which way? What channel promotes you the best? 

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